Aveng Infraset builds new concrete roof tile factory in KwaZulu-Natal

Mon, 14th August 2017

Aveng Infraset has begun with the construction of a multi-million-rand concrete roof tile manufacturing facility on its premises in Effingham, Durban. The new roof tile factory will provide the KwaZulu-Natal roof tile market with high quality, affordable roof tiles, addressing housing and building needs in the region.  It will also deploy the latest roof tile manufacturing and packaging technology.

“The decision to establish the roof tile factory using Aveng Infraset’s existing infrastructure and resources makes good business sense as we will be able to increase revenue and improve profitability for the business unit through the dilution of overheads,” says Stephan van Niekerk, General Manager at Aveng Infraset. 

Aveng Infraset’s technical team is project managing the construction of the roof tile factory and will be working with a number of sub-contractors to deliver a world-class manufacturing facility. One such partner is Vortex Hydra, a reputable supplier of concrete roof tile manufacturing equipment, that will allow Aveng Infraset to use proven Italian technology for the production of its concrete roof tiles with various profiles and colours.

“An exciting development for us is that, with the establishment of the new factory, we will be expanding our product offering from three profiles to four and this will allow us to supply the alteration market, which we could not previously access,” adds Van Niekerk.

Aveng Infraset’s new profile - the double Roman Classic profile – will be sold under the registered trade mark Dusk™.

Construction of the factory began in June 2017 and is progressing well, with completion set for December 2017 and full-scale production planned to begin in January 2018. The new factory will provide employment for 17 people.

In line with Aveng’s safety vision ‘Home without harm, Everyone, Everyday’, the Aveng Infraset factory will have a strong focus on workplace safety. “We will incorporate the latest health, safety and environmental technologies in the industry to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment for our employees and contractors,” concludes Van Niekerk. 

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