Our strategy

Aveng reviews its strategy regularly to ensure it remains relevant and responsive to changes in the Group’s external environment. Aveng identified six levers as the drivers of future growth. The core operations renewed their strategies within the context of these levers.

Strong balance sheet

Aveng is an international business with a significant portion of the combined revenue of McConnell Dowell and Moolmans derived outside of South Africa.

Capital planning for future growth plans of the Group including M&A, working capital and Moolmans fleet renewal.

Optimise debt facilities (tenure, pricing and repayment terms).

International listing to raise equity capital for growth whilst achieving improved value recognition for the assets.

McConnell Dowell's specialist capabilities

McConnell Dowell is a growing organisation in buoyant markets and we continue to focus on margin enhancement and challenges in Southeast Asia.

Leverage specialist capabilities in marine, tunnelling and underground, pipelines, hydropower and dams and complex civil infrastructure.

Focus on complex projects in areas and economies providing high growth potential.

Target the renewable and clean energy sectors, water and wastewater treatment, mining, etc.

Prioritise margin improvement.

Moolmans plant optimisation and fleet renewal programme

Moolmans has attractive opportunities that allow for renewed investment and we remained focused on a fleet renewal strategy and growth of the work in hand.

A dedicated task team appointed to design and execute on a plant optimisation strategy.

A fleet renewal programme being implemented for both existing and new contracts.

Negotiations underway with OEMs to secure equipment and related finance.

Ensure Moolmans is operating the ideal mix of new and existing equipment to maximise return on investment.

People and systems

Digitalisation is about transitioning our business to make more extensive use of technologies and related processes and techniques that enable improved efficiencies, repeatability, transparency and predictability. Unlocking the full potential of digitalisation requires the orchestration of IT, Operational Technology (OT) and Digital Engineering (DE) by aligning strategies, roadmaps and resources.

Invest in people with programmes focused on growing skills, competencies and leadership.

Manage succession planning across the business units.

Digitalisation of processes.

Continue to build core engineering capabilities.

Adapting our employee value proposition.

New investment in technology and systems.

Adopt new ways of working.