Aveng in Power

Based on our extensive experience and capability, Aveng has a significant contribution to make to the future expansion of the power industry in Africa, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

Aveng has already played a significant role in southern Africa, Africa and Australia’s power generation capacity and has the capability to deliver large-scale energy projects.

Aveng’s experience spans the spectrum of power generation plants from traditional coal powered to hydro power, solar and wind farms. We have experience in nuclear power, having formed part of the consortium that was awarded the contract for the construction of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, the first nuclear power plant in South Africa in 1976.

The company has leveraged its vast resources, from the comprehensive skills-sets across our various operating groups to partnerships with external specialist companies, to make a significant contribution to the development of power generation infrastructure. We have the ability to craft tailor-made packages which reduce our clients’ risk profiles and resource requirements. With our skills in the structuring and development of project finance deals, in particular concession contracts and public private partnerships, Aveng is also well placed to add value to its clients in the power sector.

Services include all types of building contracts; a comprehensive portfolio of civil engineering services; maintenance, repair and slipforming of industrial chimneys, stacks and ACC columns; concrete preservation, repair and rehabilitation; mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation installations and commissioning; engineering design, draughting and fabrication of structural steel and platework.

Through our various operations, Aveng is able to provide operations and maintenance services in the various sectors it operates, including the power and renewable energy segment.