Message from the Chairperson


Chairperson of the Aveng Community Investment Trust, Michael Canterbury

Aveng remains committed to contributing to social economic development in South Africa, in a manner that is sustainably beneficial and meaningful. We fully embrace our responsibility as a company rooted and operating in South Africa to ensure that we positively impact on the communities in which we operate. 

Since its inception in 2005, the Trustees of the Aveng Community Investment Trust have taken considerable care to ensure that available funds are directed to projects that are geared to deliver optimal value to their beneficiaries. Our current flagship “best-in-class’ maths and science enhancement programmes, based in Limpopo and Gauteng, continue to positively impact and benefit the broader Diepsloot and Jane Furse districts. 

Moving forward, with Aveng’s core business focus in South Africa increasingly on mining, CSI projects will align accordingly, to serve mining communities in particular. The Aveng Community Investment Trust will commit to making a positive and meaningful difference to the communities in which the company operates through relevant, sustainable, community-driven projects that take cognisance of community, industry and social development priorities.