The Aveng Community Trust, which drives the Group’s socio-economic development (SED) activities, sponsors the Aveng-Kutlwanong maths and science centre in Jane Furse, Limpopo. This is a best-in-class project that has delivered exemplary results and this centre, which is in the heart of rural Limpopo, has become one of the top performing Kutlwanong maths and science centres across the country. 

The centre in Glencowie provides tuition to around 480 learners from 22 feeder schools, as well as a teacher training programme. This Aveng sponsored-Kutlwanong maths and science centre has produced consistently good results during the seven years Aveng has provided funding (initially in conjunction with Investec for the first year but since 2012, Aveng has been the sole sponsor).

In 2018, 151 learners wrote matric and achieved a 100% pass rate. Five learners from the centre were among the top achievers in Limpopo. 


  • 124 (82%) achieved Bachelor passes 
  • A total of 36 distinctions were achieved in maths
  • 11 learners scored between 90 and 99% in maths
  • The average learner performance (subject average) for maths is 68%
  • A total of 59 distinctions were achieved in physical science
  • 27 learners scored between 90 and 99% in physical science
  • 5 learners scored 100% in physical science 
  • The average learner performance (subject average) for physical science was 74%

The centre has consistently performed well above the provincial benchmark, and the Aveng-Kutlwanong Rebone maths and science centres has become an iconic centre of educational excellence in the Limpopo province. 











Pass rate 99 99 100 99 100
Bachelors pass 60 79 83 83 82