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16 July 2014SENSAveng pricing of convertible bond offering
16 July 2014SENSAveng launch convertible bond offering
02 July 2014SENSAveng anticipated year end financial results
04 June 2014SENSAveng -- appoints group financial director
17 March 2014SENSAVENG LIMITED - The off-market acceptance of an award by a Director in terms of the Forfeitable Share Plan
27 February 2014SENSAVENG LIMITED - Director's dealing in securities
25 February 2014RESULTAveng interim results December 2013
25 February 2014SENSAVENG LIMITED - Unaudited Group results for the six months ended 31 December 2013
18 February 2014SENSAveng anticipates lower earnings
11 February 2014SENSAveng appoints chief executive officer
03 February 2014SENSAVENG LIMITED - Acquisition of securities by clients of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited (Allan Gray)
16 January 2014SENSAveng project update
29 November 2013SENSAveng board changes
20 November 2013SENSAVENG LIMITED - Disclosure of beneficial interest in securities
20 November 2013SENSAveng appointment of Aveng Grinaker-LTA MD
01 November 2013SENSAveng business update
01 November 2013SENSAveng announce AGM results
30 September 2013SENSAveng no change statement and AGM notice
27 September 2013SENSAVENG LIMITED - Directors Acceptance of SARS and FSP Awards
10 September 2013RESULTAveng final results June 2013
21 August 2013SENSAveng resignation of CEO
13 August 2013SENSAVENG LIMITED - Acquisition of securities by clients of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited
05 August 2013SENSAveng expects lower earnings
26 July 2013SENSAVENG LIMITED - Disclosure of Beneficial Interest in Securities
23 July 2013SENSAveng - confirmation of consent agreement
24 June 2013SENSAveng reaches settlement with Commission
03 June 2013SENSAveng -- Competition Commission; business update
03 May 2013SENSAveng -- re-organisation and management changes
17 April 2013SENSAveng -- all resolutions pass at meeting
15 March 2013SENSAveng interim results December 2012
15 March 2013SENSAVENG LIMITED - Unaudited Interim Group results f
11 March 2013SENSAveng notice of general meeting
18 February 2013SENSAveng -- earnings expectation
08 February 2013SENSAveng director resigns
04 February 2013SENSAveng -- group statement
08 November 2012SENSAveng -- results of the annual general meeting
08 November 2012SENSAveng -- business update
29 October 2012SENSAVENG LIMITED - Dealing in securities by a director of a major subsidiary
18 October 2012SENSAVENG LIMITED - Share appreciation rights awarded & accepted by directors
27 September 2012SENSAveng no change statement & notice of AGM
13 September 2012SENSAVENG LIMITED - Disclosure Of Beneficial Interest In Securities
10 September 2012SENSAVENG LIMITED - Dealings in securities by director
05 September 2012RESULTAveng final results 30 June 2012
05 September 2012SENSAEG Audited group results for the twelve months
15 August 2012SENSAveng -- trading statement
05 July 2012SENSAveng announce board & company secretary changes
25 May 2012SENSAEG - Aveng Limited - Dealing in securities by a director
18 May 2012SENSAveng appoints new director
14 March 2012SENSAEG - Aveng Group Limited - Unaudited group result
14 March 2012RESULTAveng interim results 31 December 2011