Objectives of the Trust

The Aveng Group has selected key focus areas. These are maths and science education at school level and skills development at artisan level. The intention has always been to closely align CSI to the business. As such, these areas are closely related to the context that The Aveng Group operates in, and are all primarily focused on delivering skills to an industry suffering from desperate shortages. Furthermore, contributing to skills development is supporting the national imperative with Government recognising this as a key challenge to the country’s economic growth.

The Aveng Group has chosen to invest in projects, that demonstrate lasting value to the societies they serve. The Aveng CSI policy has moved away from ad hoc and purely philanthropic giving, to careful selection and investment in a few flagship projects that will go some way to addressing societal issues that our business, industry and country face.

The Aveng Group adopts a participatory approach, engaging communities to partner with them to find sustainable solutions. This is made possible by nurturing long term relationships allowing the Group to remain invested in projects for a sustainable period. The Aveng Group also realises that it does not operate in isolation and that there are great benefits through collaboration. One such collaboration is the Trust’s partnership with the Tiso Foundation to deliver artisan training to unemployed youth. The Aveng Group believes there are great benefits to the community by partnering with those who share the Group’s values and vision for this country.