Safety, Health and Environmental


Key safety standards to ensure the highest practical standards of behaviour and performance across the Group are shown below:



Safety is a core value of Aveng. The Group encourages behaviour and practices that entrench its safety vision across all its operations. Safety is paramount and will never be compromised in the pursuit of any objective.

Aveng is committed to Zero fatalities and ensuring that HOME WITHOUT HARM, EVERYONE, EVERYDAY becomes a way of life for everything that we do, whether at home or at the workplace.

Aveng has a safety framework which outlines the company's approach in entrenching a world class safety culture.

The construction and engineering sector, in which Aveng is involved, by nature inherently exposes people to hazardous and high risk environments. The board and management of the company, however, believe that such hazards and risks can be managed through strong leadership and adherence to world-class standards and practices.

Health and Wellness

Aveng believes that health and wellness is integral to safety as a core value. Our health and wellness vision is that Home Without Harm Everyone Everyday becomes a way of life through the effective management of occupational hazards and risks in all our managed operations. Underpinning this belief is that people are our most valuable resource. The Health and Wellness of our employees contributes to a more sustainable business in which every employee, their families and future generations can be fiercely proud of.



Aveng is committed to improving its own health and wellness practices through visible leadership, good governance principles, confidentiality and accountability.


Aveng, believes that project development, construction and manufacturing can make a major contribution to a more sustainable world in which every employee, their families and future generations can be fiercely proud of. Aveng is committed to improving its own environmental practices and to helping its clients continuously improve the integration of environmental practices into their activities and uses of our products. This requires development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. We acknowledge that our future and the future of our environment are interconnected.

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