Ethics @ Aveng

Aveng’s vision is to build a legacy that every employee, their families and future generations can be justly proud of and at its very foundation it assumes that everything we do is of the highest ethical standard.

We take pride in our commitment to corporate citizenship, which is formalised in our code of business conduct.  We expect every person in the Aveng Group to adhere not only to the letter, but also to the spirit of this code and all relevant legislation.

Aveng is also a signatory to the World Economic Forum’s Partnering against Corruption Initiative (PACI), which formalises our commitment to stamping out unethical behaviour.
We expect that ethical behaviour be practised by every employee, form the executive team to each and every person employed by every operating group.

In our day-to-day professional activities, we will all encounter unethical behaviour, be it in the form of corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices of the simple acceptance of hospitality and gifts. 

We have zero tolerance policy to all forms of corruption and have developed the Aveng Anti-Corruption Framework as a working framework, not only to assist us in avoiding corruption in our own activities, but also doing what we can to promote higher ethical standards across the entire sector.